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Self-Mastery + Self-Actualization = True Healing / Awakening

Gain the principles, awareness, support, and accountability you WANT and NEED in a personalized program NOW.

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You are my mission and purpose!

I'm Colton, your guide to becoming the best and healthiest version of yourself.

In a world where we're endlessly conditioned to think we're weak and led to believe there's something wrong with us, I'm here to show you and help you see how far that is from the truth.  We are all extremely powerful and unlimited!  Are you ready to see and experience that for yourself?

I know you're capable of figuring it out on your own, I'm here to help you go exponentially faster.  I will share what I learned on my journey from endless suffering to this full power best version of myself.  I know from experience how difficult it can be, and how much easier and faster it is when you have someone who's been there guiding you!  The first week after hiring my first mentor I figured out what I'd been trying to by myself for well over a year, and I'm not exaggerating, that's the power of having a good coach.

I spent 18 years drinking & smoking everyday, with worsening severe anxiety, dependent on medications; until I finally had enough and went on an epic healing & awakening journey. 

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